Building Customer Loyalty


Businesses often seek to attract an influx of new customers, however it is just as –arguably more important to establish solid relationships with regulars. A steady customer base and regular clientele is key to a more stable and consistent influx…

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Making the Most of Your Meetings


If there’s one thing business owners and employees can agree on, it is a shared hatred for meetings. Meetings can easily seem to drag on forever, accomplish nothing and be a huge waste of time. Nevertheless, they can also be…

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How to Be a Good Follower


Many of us are familiar with the traits required to be a successful leader – dedication, strong communication skills, ability to delegate tasks etc. However, it would be safe to assume the majority are unaware of the traits that make…

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Payment Surcharging Changes Explained

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Credit card surcharges have been around for a while, but with the new laws that have come into effect over the past year – in September 2016 for big businesses, and the start of September 2017 for small business –…

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